Florida's VA Mortgage Center is your local and trusted VA Mortgage company.

Our mission is to focus ONLY on VA mortgages and get you as a Veteran the maximum benefit you have EARNED with your Service.

As a Veteran or Active Duty, you deserve the very best access to the VA Mortgage program, including $0 down payment home purchasing, and better rates than any civilian can get.

WHAT WE DO: We help Veterans and Active Military achieve homeownership in Florida by providing the very best access to the VA Mortgage program and $0 down payment home purchases.
We a local option to the big national lenders, and we strive to the best option for Veterans looking to buy a home with $0 down, or to refinance their VA mortgage.

WHO WE WORK WITH: We work with Active Military who have PCS orders to Florida, and Veterans who are buying homes or refinancing a home in Florida.
If you’re a Veteran looking for a home in Florida, you have found the right lender!

WHY IT WORKS: When you work with Florida's VA Mortgage Center you get a VA Mortgage Specialist who will assist on every step of the loan process, and who understands the needs of Active Military and Veterans. We are dedicated to making your VA mortgage application process transparent, quick and stress free.
Our licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO’s) are trained on the VA loan program, and will be able to assist you better than any other mortgage company out there. Period.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: VA mortgages are our sole focus at Florida's VA Mortgage Center. Many other lenders do VA loans only occasionally, and they do not have time to fully understand the nuances of the VA loan program, or call the VA regularly for updates or clarifications on the program.
As a result, they tend to miss guidelines that can benefit you, and not get you the full benefit you have earned by your Service. At Florida’s VA Mortgage Center, we specialize in VA mortgages, and focus on getting you the maximum benefit of the program!
As a VA-approved lender, we work hand-in-hand with the VA and in contact with them regularly to get the most recent updates.

HOW IT WORKS: We start with an initial strategy call by phone or in our office, to pinpoint your needs and timeline.

We can pull your COE from the VA portal at this time, and discuss your income and credit, to get an idea of the loan amount you will qualify for.


Call us at 727-777-4999 . Or fill out the Get Started form above, and we will have a VA specialist contact you.


Buying a Home in Florida?

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Want to Refinance using your VA benefit?

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